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The Silent Coup — How Wall Street Took Over Washington without Firing a Shot

July 5, 2015

When you go hunting, stealth, quiet and patience all help to bag your prey. The corporations who have taken over America have used similar techniques over the last century or so.

The Corporate Party media would have us believe that such talk is “conspiracy theorist” garbage. This is an important point that should be addressed head on. Let’s clear the air, up front, on this emotionally charged topic.

Conspiracies are Dirt Common

There’s a big difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts. But you wouldn’t know this by reading the Corporate Party press. Anything that questions the official narrative is quickly called a “conspiracy theory.” This includes facts, questions and even theories that have nothing to do with conspiracies.

But what is a conspiracy? If you keep up with current events or even know a little history, you will likely know of several acknowledged conspiracies of the past. A conspiracy is simply when two or more people get together to talk about doing something unethical or illegal.

The way the corporate media talks about conspiracies, would make you think they never happen, but here’s a list of my Top 10 Conspiracies of All Time. I apologize if I left off your favorites. There are several hundred I considered including.

  1. The murder of Julius Caesar (Getlen, 2015).
  2. Watergate break-in (Bernstein and Woodward, 1972).
  3. NSA spying on all Americans without a warrant (ACLU).
  4. Tiger Woods sex scandal (Dub and Hodapp).
  5. Night of the Long Knives—Hitler’s murder of his opposition.
  6. German Blitzkrieg Invasion of Poland—The start of World War II.
  7. Holocaust—Systematic killing of Jewish people.
  8. PG&E pollution conspiracy—upended by Erin Brockovich.
  9. Enron scandal (
  10. Housing Bubble of 2008—Rampant selling of toxic assets by key Wall Street players (Weissman, 2009).

There are many, many more conspiracies that come to mind. So, what is so wrong or irksome about any talk of conspiracies? The answer is easy: Nothing is wrong with talking about conspiracies! The critical element hinges on the factualness of the details and the logic of the conclusions drawn from those facts. Some may continue to ridicule any talk of conspiracies after this, but why? Could it be a lack of intelligence? If so, they deserve our pity. Or could it be that they have a dark, hidden agenda?

Who would benefit from marginalizing or even demonizing talk of conspiracies? It should be obvious that the conspirators themselves would benefit. If most people in the country looked away when conspiracies were mentioned, then conspirators could conspire to their hearts’ content. Evil thrives in darkness. Shining a light on the truth helps to shrivel up the evil and its sources.

Not everything is a conspiracy, but by one estimate, there is a new conspiracy starting, on average, every second somewhere in the world. When 63% of American college students admitted to cheating on an exam (Rossen, 2013), and many of those involved more than one person, that likely amounts to several million conspiracies in American college academia alone. When two children discuss stealing cookies from a jar in the kitchen while Mommy is at a store, that’s a conspiracy. Don’t let the Corporate Party media cause you to knee-jerk, look away at the mention of the word.

Corporate Influence and More

In my earlier article, “Lobbying in the United States,” I covered in some detail how corporations have infiltrated the government on multiple levels, not only suborning government officials with perks and campaign contributions, but setting up shop as staff in the congressmen’s own offices (Martin, 2015).

In John Burns article, “A Cautionary Tale of Totalitarian Politics,” he hints at how George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four foreshadowed the changes in our governments today (Burns, 2015). But the changes have not all been purely political.

We are entering an age when Mussolini’s Fascism—the marriage between corporations and government—is becoming the norm. Though there is some dispute about the meaning of Benito Mussolini’s use of corporazione, it remains clear that he considered authoritarian rule to be superior to democracy. He wanted things to run smoothly in business and government. To this end, he eliminated workers’ ability to strike. He gave them labor tribunals to hear their grievances, but staffed them with Fascist party members. The goal was always total control for the rulers and obedience by the masses.

Corporations, as I mentioned in my earlier article, are motivated to do whatever it takes to make profits and to gain power. Corporate officers are handsomely rewarded for their accomplishments, even if their actions are illegal. The only illegality in a corporation is failure.

To a corporation, the optimum role for a government is as a corporate division to control their marketplace—both the consumers and the competition.

A History of Covetous Control

Corporations, especially banks, have long desired to control their governments. We saw this with the setting up of America’s first Central Bank. Some in government were wise to insist on an expiration date. When the first Central Bank was about to expire, it seems one of the Rothschilds sent a warning that its charter should be renewed or war would follow (Jones, 2014). The year was 1811. When the charter expired, war started in 1812, and once again England and America were at each other’s throats.

Wars are expensive, and America desperately needed something to help it pay off its new war debts. Was giving in and starting a Second Central Bank the right solution? Many didn’t think so.

The hero of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson, later remembered this trouble over bankers and vowed to stop the renewal of the Second Central Bank, when he became president. During his term, the United States essentially paid off all of its debts for the first and only time in its history.

Ironically, bankers ensured that the economy suffered because of Jackson’s decision. One disgruntled citizen attempted to assassinate Jackson, but both of the man’s pistols misfired. I can only wonder who put the man up to the task and helped him gain the pistols and the presidential access.

In 1910, bankers and major industrialists met at Jekyll Island, Georgia to discuss the possibility of creating a new, Third Central Bank (Griffin, 1998). This time, they avoided calling it a bank. They made it seem to be a part of the government. They added the word “Federal” and included “Reserve” so it appeared safe and strong. Instead of “bank,” they called it a “System.” Three years later, they pushed a bill through Congress after the Christmas recess was to have started.

Years later, Woodrow Wilson wrote that he regretted giving the bankers what they desired just so he could be president. He realized that he had made a deal with the devil and his conscience weighed heavily on him.

Maybe Shots Were Fired

I said in the title that Wall Street did not fire a shot, but this may not be entirely accurate. We simply do not know. More than a decade after 9/11 and more than half a century after the JFK assassination, there are clues that suggest Wall Street may have been involved, but we don’t have proof.

E. Howard Hunt, of Watergate infamy, confessed on his deathbed that he had been a minor player in the JFK assassination (Marrs, 2013). But wasn’t he working for the government? What part of the government would condone or sanction murdering the Commander in Chief?

If it were government members alone, there seems little likelihood that such a plot could be carried out and covered up so well. But if corporate money could be used to ensure everything that was needed was in place, then such a silent coup could take place without much concern that the perpetrators would ever be caught.

During later investigations into JFK’s death, researchers discovered a conspiracy in the military that had lain secret for over thirty years. This was Operation Northwoods, a 9/11-like plan by the Joint Chiefs, and signed off by its chairman, General Lemnitzer. The general lost his job over this. Kennedy did not like such conspiracies, killing our own troops, pretending it was the Cubans, to justify going to war against them. This was a classic False Flag operation, and Kennedy would not have any part of it.

Later, President Johnson was not so squeamish when he ordered the sinking of the USS Liberty in the Eastern Mediterranean, so that it looked like Egypt had been the attacker. It took more than 30 years to find another opportunity for western corporations to invade the Middle East.

9/11—Corporate Turning Point?

After the Cold War had ended, military industrial corporations were hurting. They needed something to ensure that they would never be caught in a situation of inevitable shrinkage. They needed a perpetual reason for creating more tools for war.

When the Neocons met in 2000, they drafted a plan for the New American Century. In it they made it clear that America needed a reason to be more aggressive in the world. They needed something that would galvanize public opinion, like “a New Pearl Harbor.” A year later, 9/11 happened, and they had their New Pearl Harbor. Many of those same Neocons had joined the Bush White House.

During that day, the government made many incredibly incompetent mistakes. For instance, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld made himself unavailable at a critical time when the nation was apparently under attack. Then, when he was needed most, he left his office for a photo opportunity, helping to carry stretchers of the injured. 

Earlier, just before the Pentagon was hit, Vice President Cheney was in an underground command center below the White House. A military officer let him know that an airplane was headed toward the Pentagon, but Cheney did nothing to stop it despite repeated warnings. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta later remarked on this peculiar behavior. Why would Cheney allow the hit? Could it be that he was still on Halliburton’s payroll? When that company received its lucrative government contracts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I doubt if Cheney went unrewarded.

Conflict of interest?

After 9/11, all of the top military officers responsible for the massive security failures were given promotions instead of courts martial. Was this an incompetent handling of the incompetent? Or was it “hush money” to facilitate a cover-up?

The third building to collapse on that day—World Trade Center 7—held many government offices, including the largest CIA office outside of Langley, Virginia, and a major office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), wherein all of the legal files and evidence on cases against corporations, like Enron and WorldCom, for their conspiracies and corruption, were stored. Many corporate officers likely breathed a collective sigh of relief when WTC7 collapsed. All that evidence of wrongdoing pulverized to dust by the hidden explosives.

That building—WTC7—collapsed at perfect free fall for the first 8 floors. This means that solid steel either offered zero resistance, or the beams were cut by controlled demolition. And in this universe, solid steel never offers zero resistance. 

Later, scientists at America’s bureau of standards (NIST) would write a report on the building failure, glossing over the free fall collapse and attributing it to office fires. Incredible. Such incompetence by scientists proves to be grounds for dismissal in a world free of corruption. That this group of scientists all agreed to such unscientific conclusions either means a lack of intelligence or conspiracy to commit fraud. 

On the evening of 9/11, New York Mayor Giuliani allowed the crime scene to be cleaned up! As a former federal prosecutor, he knew this was a felony, but allowed it anyway.

More incompetence, or additional cover-up? 

A year before 9/11, the late Aaron Russo (Hollywood producer and political hopeful) was entertaining a guest named Nick Rockefeller of the New York Rockefeller family. In that meeting, Nick apparently told Aaron that there was going to be a big event coming up that would give us Iraq and Afghanistan (Jones, 2009). The only big event that did this was 9/11. And there were several lies that needed to be sold before America could invade those countries. So, could all of the Rockefellers have known about 9/11 in advance? Could their money have paid for the set-up and cover-up? 

There is also the $2.3 Trillion that Donald Rumsfeld had announced missing on the day before 9/11. Could that have been used to pay for this Operation New Pearl Harbor?

Nick Rockefeller also made it known that the Rockefeller plans were to change the government so that all citizens would be implanted with microchips. Everything of the person’s identity and financial wellbeing would be on those chips. If the Rockefellers didn’t like a person, they could have that person’s chip turned off. The unlucky individual would starve, because they could not buy or sell anything without their chip. And if a Rockefeller or one of their friends were ever stopped by the police, their chip would say, “KMA—Kiss My A**,” and the police would know who their boss was.

The New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Corporations, with all their money, can buy congressmen and women. They can infiltrate government agencies and control the regulations of their own industries. They are the foxes in the hen house. But they’ve also taken over the main house. They’ve become the servants, the ones who distribute the mail and news, the ones who control what goes into the food and whether or not the former master of the house received their medicine or not. And when the former masters were squeezed out, these pretenders became the new masters, in secret and behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings with great skill.

When Ronald Reagan was shot just a few weeks into his own presidency, I thought merely what the Corporate Party news media had told me—that a lone nut gunman had tried to bag himself a big one.

Ronny didn’t seem to be himself after that. He told many of the same platitudes, but darkness crept over his presidency. Unlike Kennedy, he had been given a second chance. And he allowed many things to happen on his watch that might not otherwise have happened. Things like the Iran-Contra conspiracy.

These days, both the Democrats and Republicans look exactly alike on all issues critical to the health of the nation. All differences are superficial and inconsequential to the country as a whole. Both parties want more,

  • War,
  • Big Government,
  • Overseas Expansion,
  • Tyranny (shredding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights),
  • Big overspending, and
  • Control over the details of life.

Now, it is impossible to move about the country without the government knowing. The TSA fondles little children and gropes adults with impunity. Cameras watch our every movement. Checkpoints are becoming more prevalent. Illegal searches are now the norm. Those who quote the Constitution or Bill of Rights are put on a terrorist watch list. And even our Founding Fathers are called terrorists.

In the 1999 motion picture, The Matrix, Thomas A. Anderson, also known as Neo, was being questioned by a government official named Mr. Smith. In that fictional scene, Mr. Smith looked through a file on Mr. Anderson and happened to flip past a photocopy of Neo’s passport. The view lasted only a fraction of a second, upside-down and at an angle.

One enterprising fan of the movie had enlarged that scene in order to read what was in Neo’s file. It showed that his freedom of movement was set to expire on September 11, 2001—two years in the future (, 2008). For America as a whole, that one tiny, unnoticed detail proved to be ironically prophetic. Coincidence? There’s another sloppy word burdened with misguided meaning. Coincidence can either be accidental or cause-and-effect. It wouldn’t surprise me if arrogant corporate owners, likely with part ownership in movie companies, find a child-like delight in embedding clues to their handiwork in popular films.

Some very powerful people in the Corporate world knew about 9/11 before it happened. We have several instances of insider trading focused on that day. Put options on both American Airlines and United Airlines spiked heavily ( Yet, because these speculators were not related to Al Qaeda, the government did not investigate further. Why would they assume Al Qaeda was the perpetrator of 9/11? Because the Corporate Party media had already said it was, starting only minutes after the event itself.

Al Qaeda could not have set the explosives throughout all three highly-secure buildings to bring them down by controlled demolition. Yet, the overwhelming evidence is that controlled demolition is exactly what was used. Thousands of scientists, engineers and architects have staked their reputations on these facts and their unavoidable conclusions (

Corporate takeover of America is not the end game. It is only a step toward a Neo-Feudalism where the corporate bosses become the new overlords and those who are allowed to survive become the serfs. The consumer economy is about to come to an end. The corporations are merely a stepping-stone for their owners toward ultimate power and control. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), currently in secret negotiations, is another step in that direction (Reich, 2015). One provision discovered in a draft of this document provides that corporations can take a country to court if that nation passes laws that threaten the corporation’s profits. The walls of national sovereignty dissolve a little more and corporations start to wield their power more openly.

When you see both political parties oblivious to the rule of law and Robert’s Rules of Order, you know that they have been compromised. When both parties push the same dangerous agenda for the country, you know that there is only one party—the party that pays for the elections, reports on them and even counts the votes. This is the New Boss—The Corporate Party.

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  1. Merlin Lanahan

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story.

    • Rod Martin, Jr.

      Thanks, Merlin. I’m glad you liked the article. Ironically, the facts are available for everyone to read, but people pretend not to have enough time or interest.

      My latest research involves “climate change” and the perversion of science and its terms. Corporate globalists have been busy on multiple fronts. It remains doubly ironic that the UN (a project by the Rockefellers and their ilk) promotes global cooling and a fear of warmth while we remain in an Ice Age interglacial called the Holocene. We all instinctively know that life thrives in the warmth, and dies in the cold, but the corporate party media has such a fetish for ice that people are convinced that 3 degrees C of warming will destroy the world. But we receive more warming than that every day.

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